Our Company
USAstudyInfo.com is a California-based educational consulting firm that recruits talented international students to American schools (middle schools, high schools, and colleges) and strengthens the ability of those institutions to educate international students. USAstudyInfo.com offers comprehensive consulting services to private high schools, including market entry assistance, student recruitment services, strategic brand management, cultural competency resources, academic support and professional, year-round program management. USAstudyInfo.com also offers comprehensive academic assistance to international students towards success in school. We provide in-depth ESL lessons, homework help, school work prep, test prep, college application consultation, and many extracurricular activities.
Our Team
USAstudyInfo.com boasts a dynamic team of professionals with years of experience. We make sure to provide all necessary resources to meet every student’s goals. We also provide detailed progress reports to parents. Academic Counselors:     Our academic counselors provide student GPA management, class selections, summer internships, community service opportunities, and college application preparation. Students will meet their personal academic counselor once per week to check on their school performance. Teachers:     Our teachers provide academic help on a variety of subjects and additional services ranging from ESL, homework assistance, 1-on-1 coaching, test preparation, and academic competition training. Residential Counselors:     Our experienced residential counselors live among students within their housing complex. They manage students’ activities during after-school hours and weekends, organize extra-curriculum activities (like field trips to museums, sports events, and others), and assist students with homework and other academic needs.
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